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The 2016 elections could be the Republican Party’s best in decades!

   The GOP has to recognize and attack the “big elephant” in the room – Urban Areas and the black voters. (In 2012 blacks voted at a higher percentage than white voters). Had there been no Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, Hampton Roads, etc… the GOP would have won Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, and Virginia respectively. And, we would have President Romney.

  If the GOP does nothing different than in the past they are bound to get similar results. This must not happen. The 2016 elections at all levels are just too important to America.


  I come from an urban area. I started out in politics at the lowest possible level – a member of the local town committee. I have served as a local City Councilman/Alderman. I have been a President Pro Tempore of the Board of Alderman of the 4th largest city in Connecticut. I have won 6 elections (three for Alderman & three for Congress). I have run statewide twice. And, I have done all of the above as a proud black conservative Republican. In all of the election I won I carried the black and white vote! If your (GOP) heart is there we can do better in 2016 in the black community. It is not like the black Democrats have been doing all that well governing cities over the last few decades or making race relations better.


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