Upcoming Public Affairs Show

Gary Franks Show

 (Producing/hosting at the request of a nationally telecast station “pilot” television show which can become a weekly 30 minute public affairs program) 

Problem Statement

   The conditions in many of our inner cities are bad and getting worse. Poor race relations threatens to tear the country apart. The increase of people falling into poverty creates a growing number of people who depend largely on the government for food, shelter, clothing and health care. Too many children and families are suffering from many ills and fail to truly believe in the American dream. My show will seek to improve these situations.

Project Goals

Have a concerted effort to engage the nation’s talented thinkers to help develop conventional and non-conventional ideas and solutions to change for the better the plight of the less fortunate, our youth, our families, our inner cities, race relation and our nation.

Project Benefits

Will help turnaround and improve the conditions of people in most need of help so they can be more productive citizens and happy citizens. 

Project Process

Will be a public affairs interview show that will seek out and engage the best & brightest Americans to participate in the development of ideas and solutions that would work, that are practical, and that can be implemented with support.


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